Butterfly Related Websites 

Butterflies of Ontario -  my website that focuses on Ontario

Butterflies of the Maritimes - my website that focuses on the Maritime Provinces

eButterfly - an interactive website where citizens can contribute their butterfly observations!

Butterflies of Canada - online version of this important reference work
Les papillons diurnes du Canada - french version of Butterflies of Canada
West Virginia White - group tracking/researching this threatened species

Leps Blog - Blog on Butterfly related topics


Sentinels on the Wing - comprehensive overview of Status and Conservation of Butterflies in Canada

Sparroworks Wildlife Co. - lots of great birding and wildlife related info

Butterflies in the Classroom

Monarch Teacher Network  - workshops and resources on using Monarch butterflies in the classroom

Butterflies Beautiful - Butterfly kits for the Classroom

Lucy's Butterfly Farm - Butterfly kits

Gaia Nature - Butterflies for the Classroom

Other Butterfly/Moth Photography Websites - amazing moth images by Jim des Rivières


Local Hiking Recommendations 

Larry Neily's Birding Ottawa - A great resource for finding spots to visit in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.  Many of the area's "hotspots" are described, often with trailmaps and directions to trailheads

also see the links for Field Naturalists' clubs below - their sites typically feature info on hiking trails

Butterfly Related Mailing Lists

Butterfly_obs - A yahoo group where members report their sightings for Eastern Ontario and West Quebec
Ontario Butterflies - A google group where members report their sightings for Southern Ontario

Naturalists Clubs ( Quebec )

Naturalists Clubs ( Eastern Ontario )

Pembroke Area Field Naturalists - page dedicated to Butterflies & Moths of Renfrew County

Quinte Field Naturalists - includes Prince Edward County

Willow Beach Field Naturalists - Port Hope/Cobourg area

Kawartha Field Naturalists - Lindsay/Fenelon Falls

Ontario Nature - this page provides links to clubs across Ontario

Entomological Societies  

Toronto Entomological Association - lots of useful information for Ontario in general

Further Afield...

Maritimes Butterfly Atlas - you have to dig a bit to get to the species pages, but there's some useful information about many species that we have in common.

British Columbia Butterfly Atlas -  lots of excellent information

Butterflies of Nova Scotia - a similarly organized website covering many of the same species as this  one.
Wisconsin Butterflies - a nicely constructed website covering many of the species we also have here in Ontario, but not all species featured on this website will be found here.
Massachusetts Butterfly Club - a website featuring a useful tool for comparing photos of different species side-by-side.  Not all species featured  on this website  will be found in Ontario.
Butterflies of the Carolinas and Virginias - another site with features that are handy for Butterfly identification - in this case, when you place your cursor over the photograph, identification keys pop up. Not all species featured  on this website  will be found in our area.
Digital Atlas of Idaho ( Butterflies section )  - another site with some interesting tidbits of info, though there's less overlap between the western species and those here in the east.

Butterflies of the World Foundation - despite the name, seems to be centered on Oklahoma and surrounding states.